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MadBid Sneak-a-Peek!

Welcome to Sneak-a-Peek; a function will enhance your bidding experience and allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Have you ever wished you could find out more about your bidding opponents? Do you want to know:

  • when they bid
  • what they bid on
  • how they bid, and
  • what they win

Well now you can - for the price of just a few Credits!

You won't see any private or personal information about any User you sneak, of course. But you will be able to eke him out - and identify when/how he bids.

If I Can Sneak Them, They Can Sneak Me, Right?

Yes, but you can stop them using our Stealth Mode. Sneak-A-Peek and Stealth Mode go hand in hand, so read this guide fully so you understand what they do.


Two options on the toolbar control these features:


Sneak-A-Peeks, when purchased, allows access, for 30 days, to the prior 30 days of a User's history.

You'll see:

  • Bidding Times ? the Credits your target has placed and when they placed them - Do they usually bid in the early morning or late at night?
  • Bidding Categories ? your target's top five bidding categories.
  • Auction Win history ? view a list of the last five Auctions that your target won, what type of Auctions (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and what the highest Bid was that he placed for each.
  • Bidding Activity - find out when your target first joined MadBid.
To Sneak-a-Peek at someone:
  1. You can click on their Username wherever it shows on the website. When you click on their name you have two options:
    • 'Sneak Now' - Take a peek at their information
    • 'More Info' - return to this information page

Who's Sneaked Me?

If anybody has, you'll see a number notification next to the Sneak-A-Peek icon on the toolbar. Click this icon to see exactly who has been snooping at your info. You can then see all the Users that have been taking a peek at your information.

  1. In the Sneak-a-peek navigation bar you will see an option to see 'Who Sneak-a-peeked me'.
  2. When you click on 'Who Sneak-a-Peeked me' you will see a list of users, click on one of these users to see the details
  3. When you have clicked on the user you can see when this user Peeked at you and if you have peeked at them.
  4. From this page you can also see all of the users that you have Sneak-a-Peeked by clicking the link 'My Sneak-a-Peeks'

(Sneak-a-Peek is just 6 credits for each Sneak you do)

My Auction Peeks

Allows access to 30 days history and available for 30 days viewing. You can see:

  • Last 24 hours bidding history ? view a list of bidders for the last 24 hours of an auction.
  • Auction Closing Prices ? view the past performance of a particular product and also the closing price of the last 5 auctions of that product.
  • Similar Auctions - See the closing prices of similar auctions

To access this information:

  1. When you are in an auction page, click the 'More Auction Info' button
  2. A box will pop up with more information on - in this box you can click on 'View More Details' and it will take you through to the Auction peeks page.
  3. On the auction Peeks page (shown below) you can see all of the products you have peeked at in the last 30 days.
    When you click on a product you can see:
  4. 'Recent Auctions' of the exact product that you are viewing
  5. 'Similar Auctions' of items that sold that are similar to the one you are viewing.
  6. You can also access this page at any time by clicking on the 'My Auction Peeks' section of the 'Sneak-a-Peek' bar.

(Peek at any auction for just 4 credits)

Stealth Mode


Opt for Stealth Mode if you don't like the idea of others Sneaking-a-Peek at you.

You can hide all your information from your rival bidders for 7 days at a time. Try as they might, your opponents won't be able to see a thing!

  1. Just click on the 'Stealth' link on your toolbar; you will then be asked whether you want to "go Steath".
  2. Click the button to make this happen.
  3. Whenever you go back to the Stealth page you will be able to see if you are currently in Stealth Mode.

(Stealth Mode is just 30 credits for 7 days)

We really hope that you enjoy our Sneak-a-Peek function,